Monday, November 16, 2009

Writing Your First Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation is a letter in which writer tells about the qualities about concerned person. In this letter writer recommend the person for certain task. He also assesses the person’s nature, qualities and potential.

Generally letter of recommendation is required to get the job, scholarship, take admission in school or college. Letter of recommendation is often written on the individual’s request. Mostly professors write the letter of recommendations for the students.

As a professor, one has to write letter of recommendation for the students more than often. So it is the responsibility of the writer to assess the student’s capability to do particular task along with chrematistics.

In order to make an effective letter of recommendation, writer can ask for some documents like resume, accomplishments list, completed projects along with reports. While writing letter of recommendation, he should take into account potential of student, communication as well as leadership skill. An accomplished letter of recommendation discusses weaknesses along with the strengths. So prepare a letter of recommendation with care and responsibility.


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