Friday, June 24, 2011

What to do if you think you are getting fired?

There is a very intense competition in the job market. There are some instances in your career, when you have to face the most difficult phase i.e. being fired or terminated from the job. It is necessary to start preparing in advance if you feel that you are going to get fired in the near future.

Here we are providing you some simple tips which are to be followed which would help you to deal with this extremely difficult situation:

You should first try to relax and take out all the negative feelings from your mind. You should accept this reality as it is has become a general phenomenon during economic recession.
The next step is to update your resume and also highlight some of your recent achievements in it. It will help to seek the attention of the recruiter and would also help your resume to stand out from the resumes of the other competing candidates for the same position.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

7 Advantages of earning a Degree Online

An online degree is the one of the best ways to complete your higher education without leaving your job. It is very helpful for all those individuals who are currently employed and want career advancement. It will also help the students to critically analyze, become technologically advanced and develop all the required qualifications to achieve your career goals.
There are many different types of degree programs available. They also offer an excellent opportunity to even earn an associate degree or graduation degree from anywhere in the world without relocating.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ideas That Really Work to Build Resume

Resume ideas are numerous but the most vital is to build your own awareness about your skills, specialized knowledge and achievements. May it be a designer resume, 3D designer resume, web designer resume, executive or marketing resume- all resumes deserve to highlight your skill and take full credit for it. We are seldom clear about our own abilities and things we need to highlight in our career. We discount our skills and under play our exclusive accomplishments and knowledge.

Ideas for building resumes:

Knowing our skills:

We often presume that our skills and accomplishments are just normal. There is nothing special or unique about them and anyone can have them. Confront your skills. We do not realize their value. Many people cannot do what we do so easily. We need to talk to ourselves in a positive manner. We do not need to boast but we need to impress the prospective employer by describing our skills and backing them up with our accomplishments.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Education or Experience

Education or Experience- Which is more important to get a Job?

Education or experience, which is more important, is the most common dilemma for all the job seekers. However, education is not only helpful in our professional life but also in your personal life. Some professions require education as the basic requirement.

Some specific jobs require educational qualifications whereas some require experience. The requirements also change according to the modern requirements. Apart from getting the criteria that is required for the job such as education or experience, it is also necessary to draft an effective resume and clear an interview.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to Ask for a Raise

It is a very complex task for an individual to ask for a raise in salary. This problem becomes more complicated because there are no proper steps which would help you to get a salary raise.

However one simple solution to this problem could be to follow some simple steps mentioned below which will help you in the task of getting a salary hike and promotion.

Tips for asking a salary raise are mentioned below:

The first step that you should do is to check out the method followed by your company for salary hike. Some companies opt for such salary hikes or follow certain time span procedures for giving salary hikes to their employer. This information could be sought out in the company policy.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Resume Mistakes

All of us like to have a job. To get a good job we all must have a properly written resume. But surprisingly all of us make mistakes in writing our resumes. Employers today are interested only in going through hard copy of the resume. The following are the Resume Mistakes which are found in the Job Seeker’s professional resume:
Objective of the job-seeker is not defined in the professional resume.
Job Seekers use bombastic words of which many employers may not be aware of.
Spelling and punctuation errors are there in resume.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Interview do's and don'ts

An interview is taken by an employer to know if the person is suitable for the job, and whether he/she will be joining their company or firm by evaluating a prospective employee.

First interview
Here are some interview tips one should consider and apply before an interview takes place:

Be sure of the location of the interview.
Make a test drive to calculate how long it takes you to get there and to be sure of the location of the office.
Research upon the company and the job type you are applying for.
Prepare and practice for the interview but do not memorize your answers.
Dress appropriately for the interview.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Personal branding and why do we need it

The process of branding of a person and their career in order to attain success is called personal branding. It can also be defined as creating of asset that belongs to a person, which also includes the body, clothing, appearance and knowledge of the person, which makes it unique and distinguished. It also involves naming of various products on the persons name.
In simple words, personal branding is the way you market yourself to the world. When you are searching for a career in your respective field, personal branding is unavoidable, because as you interact with people, they make an impression of you within the few seconds you are with them. The way you dress, the way you eat, the way you carry yourself, everything brands yourself.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Can office gossip get you fired

Office is your second home. You spend 1 /3 of your day at your work place. Naturally you are attached with the surrounding there. As it is the source of your economy, helps you to earn your living.

It is very necessary to keep discipline at your work place. Though you are very keenly attached to your group at workplace and formed an organization, you need to be very strict while following some principles. Gossiping, envy and groupism are three diseases which spoil your work culture.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ways to be happy at your work

Idea of a perfect job is getting job satisfaction. Salary, self development and future prospectus are three main things which make you satisfied at your work. If a single thing from above is missing, employees start hating their work. This does not only affects employee’s profile but also the productivity of an institution.