Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to Ask for a Raise

It is a very complex task for an individual to ask for a raise in salary. This problem becomes more complicated because there are no proper steps which would help you to get a salary raise.

However one simple solution to this problem could be to follow some simple steps mentioned below which will help you in the task of getting a salary hike and promotion.

Tips for asking a salary raise are mentioned below:

The first step that you should do is to check out the method followed by your company for salary hike. Some companies opt for such salary hikes or follow certain time span procedures for giving salary hikes to their employer. This information could be sought out in the company policy.

Research about the current trends in the market about salary hike, salary scale or average salary that can be expected for your post in the company.
You can discuss the salary hike once you have collected all the basic information. You can opt to prepare a report about your contribution to the company in terms of revenue earning, deadlines met, special initiatives undertaken, and customer satisfaction. Then you can submit this report.
Another alternative is to prepare a letter and call for a meeting to discuss or justify your claim for salary hike. While doing so, you should avoid threatening the boss by saying that you would leave this job and demand salary raise. This method would be successful only if you keep options open for negotiation.
You can also opt for only sending a letter. It is not highly recommended option because it allows only one to one communication which is not effective method to ask for a salary hike.
Thus, the tips mentioned above inform you some effective methods which can be used while asking for a salary raise.


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