Monday, July 26, 2010

Resume Mistakes

All of us like to have a job. To get a good job we all must have a properly written resume. But surprisingly all of us make mistakes in writing our resumes. Employers today are interested only in going through hard copy of the resume. The following are the Resume Mistakes which are found in the Job Seeker’s professional resume:
Objective of the job-seeker is not defined in the professional resume.
Job Seekers use bombastic words of which many employers may not be aware of.
Spelling and punctuation errors are there in resume.

Many resumes have a mismatched font sizes, false date alignments and many inconsistencies while using bullet points which are not used where required.
Resume lacking keywords. Most of the employers search for key words in their databases. If the words in the Job Seeker’s resume do not match with the keywords present in the database of the employer then the resume of the job seeker is thrown in trash.
References are listed directly on the resume instead of listing them on the separate sheet.
Resume is not listed in proper order and format .For example if the job seeker is applying for the post of a software engineer the job seeker should mention the programming skills along with the qualifications at the top and not the bottom.
Focus is not on the responsibilities.

So it’s better to seek a resume advice from a resume writer to write the professional resume. A Properly designed Resume without any mistakes enhances the chances of a job seeker to get the job in the job-market. A Corrected Resume catches the attention of every employer. Thus the habit of writing a correct resume is an art which every job aspirant should cultivate.


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