Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Interview do's and don'ts

An interview is taken by an employer to know if the person is suitable for the job, and whether he/she will be joining their company or firm by evaluating a prospective employee.

First interview
Here are some interview tips one should consider and apply before an interview takes place:

Be sure of the location of the interview.
Make a test drive to calculate how long it takes you to get there and to be sure of the location of the office.
Research upon the company and the job type you are applying for.
Prepare and practice for the interview but do not memorize your answers.
Dress appropriately for the interview.

Reach the interview location before the time allotted for the interview.
If in any case you are late, contact the company and inform them about it.
Greet the interviewers by titles or last name.
Make sure you give a firm hand shake
Do not sit until you are asked to, and keep your posture upright.
Talk with good eye contact with the people interviewing you.
Act appropriately during the interview.
Do not use slang language or give answer you are unsure of.
Do not act to be desperate for the job.
Elaborate on your answers and do not answer with a simple yes or a no.
Do not discuss your private life in the interview
Write them thank you letters within a period of twenty-four hours.


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