Saturday, June 12, 2010

Personal branding and why do we need it

The process of branding of a person and their career in order to attain success is called personal branding. It can also be defined as creating of asset that belongs to a person, which also includes the body, clothing, appearance and knowledge of the person, which makes it unique and distinguished. It also involves naming of various products on the persons name.
In simple words, personal branding is the way you market yourself to the world. When you are searching for a career in your respective field, personal branding is unavoidable, because as you interact with people, they make an impression of you within the few seconds you are with them. The way you dress, the way you eat, the way you carry yourself, everything brands yourself.

There are two types of branding:
External branding: The way you portray yourself to the world is external branding. You can choose what to say or do when you want to convey something to the other person. This image of yours decides how other people interact with you and how they behave with you. The best external image you would want to project is the one which shows who you really are. That means simply being honest. If you fake yourself, it brands you in a negative way. This labels you as fake, insincere, shallow, and so on. You should be aware of who people see you as.Internal brand: Internal branding means what you think of yourself. You should know who you are. Match your external and internal branding, doing this you could find the areas that you are hiding from people.
Brand interaction: It is very obvious that your internal and external branding might not match, and that is completely fine. Analyzing these things could help you grow as a person in many ways.


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