Monday, March 8, 2010

Can office gossip get you fired

Office is your second home. You spend 1 /3 of your day at your work place. Naturally you are attached with the surrounding there. As it is the source of your economy, helps you to earn your living.

It is very necessary to keep discipline at your work place. Though you are very keenly attached to your group at workplace and formed an organization, you need to be very strict while following some principles. Gossiping, envy and groupism are three diseases which spoil your work culture.

Usually there are some people who do not match with your working style. You find it difficult while dealing with them. It is very obvious because every personality is different. There are no two people like each other, forget about the group. So, it is very natural to have differences with your colleagues.

The matter is how you deal with them? Do you lead them into gossiping? Beware; this habit can cause your dismissal.

Gossiping is discussing and spreading the internal matters of your colleagues. Gossip increases day by day and finally becomes a great rumor at the end. Some of such gossips can hurt the person to such extend that it can cause some serious blame on the gossip making crowd.

Extremely personal issues like household issues like quarrels between husband and wife, family disputes, court matters are generally main interests in office gossips. Affairs of your seniors, extra marital affairs and love interests are the most engaging gossips for the staff. Everyone shares in if it gets started once. Those never ending gossips may hurt the reputation of the person about whom they gossip. So, those people can be legally noticed by the person whom it is intended.

Diseases and sex matters are also major topics gossiped by staff. Those are most offensive and hurt a lot. If the source of this gossip is found, major legal action can be taken by the defender.

Besides of all, when you gossip you loose your self-esteem and respect too. Work culture is polluted and a workplace becomes a biased gossip zone. It effects on your interpersonal relationship and working ability too. Gossip is like a boomerang. It can come to you anytime.

Dismissal from the job is very obvious result of office gossip. It follows you even after you leave the place and try to join another job, as your seniors can mention it in their feed back reference. So, don’t let the evil rule. Avoid gossiping and ignore gossipers.


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