Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Education or Experience

Education or Experience- Which is more important to get a Job?

Education or experience, which is more important, is the most common dilemma for all the job seekers. However, education is not only helpful in our professional life but also in your personal life. Some professions require education as the basic requirement.

Some specific jobs require educational qualifications whereas some require experience. The requirements also change according to the modern requirements. Apart from getting the criteria that is required for the job such as education or experience, it is also necessary to draft an effective resume and clear an interview.

Some jobs in the health care industry such as registered nurse require just the degree as the minimum qualification to get a job. The importance of education or experience totally depends on the field of occupation that you have applied for.

There is common tendency among people to switch jobs, get education in one field and gain experience in some different field. Education is the basic requirement which will help you to gain an entry level position and later on get experience.

It requires selecting the right careers in the beginning and helps you to be focused. This will also help you to become successful in your career. You can opt for online career tests or aptitude tests which will help you to determine the right career option.

Education helps you to learn and apply your knowledge. It also helps in time management and also informs you about the experience of the other people. It will also inform you about the latest developments in your field and help you to survive in your career. Hence formal education is necessary in your life before actually working in any field.

Thus, deciding whether education or experience is important is a very difficult task. It totally depends on the field you have set as your target.


  1. Its true that Education helps us to learn and apply our knowledge but experience in a particular field also matters.

  2. Now a days top mnc companies prefer to more experience persons..

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