Friday, June 24, 2011

What to do if you think you are getting fired?

There is a very intense competition in the job market. There are some instances in your career, when you have to face the most difficult phase i.e. being fired or terminated from the job. It is necessary to start preparing in advance if you feel that you are going to get fired in the near future.

Here we are providing you some simple tips which are to be followed which would help you to deal with this extremely difficult situation:

You should first try to relax and take out all the negative feelings from your mind. You should accept this reality as it is has become a general phenomenon during economic recession.
The next step is to update your resume and also highlight some of your recent achievements in it. It will help to seek the attention of the recruiter and would also help your resume to stand out from the resumes of the other competing candidates for the same position.

While drafting your resume, it is extremely necessary for the individual to be aware of the latest trends and styles for drafting them. This will help you to draft an effective resume for the post.
Another important aspect is to do a self analysis of your performance in the job you are currently doing. This step is extremely necessary as it will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
You should try to update yourself as per the changes taking place in your profession and also develop skills which are required for that job. You should also try to overcome your weakness.
You should also try to brush up your interview skills and prepare your self for the job interviews that you are going to attend in future. You should prepare a list of probable questions and also answers to these questions and begin preparing yourself for the interview.
You should also utilize modern techniques such as networking which means using your contacts and do online job search. This will help you to find out information about the job opportunities which are available.
The above mentioned simple techniques will surely assist you to deal with the stress of getting fired and also help you in your new job search.


  1. thanks for sharing as its going to help many:)and its very true that for next we have to show our achievements

  2. I must there are good tips and useful also. Yes this happen in corporate office so it is very important to keep our CV update always. Thanks for tips.

  3. Working in the automotive industry, I started speaking with a good car industry recruiter when I saw the writing on the wall. It definitely helped to be prepared.

  4. Very helpful tips to get ready for future calamities dont know what has to face in future.

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  6. Firing is done when employee doesn't move with company policies, but these days they are fired for nothing..its fact.

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