Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Job Hunting Tips

For most of us, job hunting is the stressful job. When it comes to change the job or appearing for the interviews, we get nervous. However, if you plan your job hunting process, you don’t need to be stressful. Here are some job hunting tips that will guide you in getting your desired job position.

First step in getting job is to prepare an efficient and optimized resume and a resume cover letter. Make more than one format of your resume and cover letter. Most of the HR professional review your resume half to one minute. So, you should make it attractive and eye-catching. Highlight your achievement and accomplishments in the resume. You can refer sample resume to make your resume perfect .

Consider job hunting process as selling yourself. You need to implement yourself properly. Use different resume formats while approaching different employers. Do not forget to put you skills like communication leadership and management as it is requirement in all the industries.

Use social media to promote yourself. Most of us feel that it is not an effective way of job hunting. However, using social media, you can reach up to prospective employers. Most of the companies refer social networking sites to find the candidates. So make optimum use of social media, personal blog and sites to project your self.


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