Friday, November 20, 2009

Career Planning and Management

Career planning and career management, these are two different areas. In fact, career planning is subset of career management. Career planning and management is a roadmap of your journey towards successful life.

Career planning is the process in which you need to follow certain steps. Fist step of your career planning and management is self assessment. In self assessment, one can identify their interests, skills as well as qualities. It is important to assess yourself on the grounds of personal traits and skills to find right career.

Next step in planning your career is search careers which match your interests and skills. Get maximum information from the professionals, experts from the industry. Go for the informational interviews to get through knowledge about the industry and careers.

Once you have done with your career search part, its time to make decision. Even at this step, most of us are uncertain about the choice that we are going to make. There is no guarantee that decision that you made will prove to be right. However, it is necessary to make decision. Also each job offers you the opportunity to learn. You can apply those skills in your next job.

Career planning and management is the constant process. You have to continuously do self assessment, career search and job search.

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