Saturday, November 21, 2009

Are Resumes Dead?

Are resume dead? Simple answer to this question is “absolutely no”. First we see what is resume? In simple words, it is the summary of your education, experience and accomplishments. Whatever may be the process of hiring, recruiter goes through candidate’s accomplishments or achievements. This information is easy to down load, upload and shared across the electronic media and devices.

On the Internet, you find that conventional resume is replaced by the blog, personal websites, social media, Linkedin and employment profile. People have tried to explain about resume is going to be replaced by these mediums.

Blogs and social media offer good medium to spread awareness about likely job candidates. They are also excellent platform to reveal proficiency. However, they are not the replacement for the traditional resume. Also you need a resume even if you have a profile page on linkedIn because it does not allow uploading and downloading resume.

Though personal websites provide wider platform to present you, brand yourself, like linkedIn, they also can not replace resume.

So resume is not dead yet and also not going to dead in near future. It is here to stay. Resume is the document to market individual for getting job and developing career as well.


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