Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My First Interview: The Precious Tenure.

I too entered in the realistic world with certificates, achievements and such shared ideal experiences of elders. There was a committee including four members (one lady ,three men) and adding all my courteous courage in my gestures I wished them all as I had been learning from past few weeks and had ample rehearsals in front of my younger siblings. Still I remember their way of appreciation,-by clapping, which never happened actually.

So, I introduced myself with the help of points like family background, educational status, internship experience (of 15 days in a local news paper), hobbies etc. without even breathing in between. Now I realize how miserable the situation was!

Fortunately, now I have something to share for those who are going to face “first interview:”

Don’t get over exited or impatient .Let it go as a normal conversation between you and your elders.
You are not playing a game of rapid fire. Wait, think and then reply.
It is a part of business, so don’t feel shy to ask for reasonable pay and facilities.
Study about the company, institutions before. It proves that you are sincere in your work.
Wear comfortable attire, make-up, accessories .It should not make you the matching stores or accessory shop.
Remember the thing they are paying for is the brains and skills inside you not your appearance, advertising speech or certificates, so have the good stuff of fundamentals.
Confirm your punctuality by reaching 10 minutes before given time, conveying your timings before you leave etc.
Proper written communication is impressive .e.g. application, up-dated resume, acceptance letter, thank-you note, joining letter etc.

I still listen all mythological pompous experiences of great ghosts around with due patience and interest. Inside me, a little girl is there who misses her first interviewers, very tiny amount but a great satisfaction of being selected at your first interview. I wonder I could get all that again in my life. Wish you good luck to have the same or even better opportunity. Good luck!

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  1. nice experience and thanks for sharing it as its going to remove nervousness of many candidates