Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Must Read Before Complaining About Your Job

We do have great expectations about the reward of duties. But do we have right to demand for?

There is a short famous story. Once a German was on a visit to India. He heard about a great sculpture artist and went to see him. The artist was busy in making a statue. The same was put beside him. German man got impressed by his divine art. Then he asked “why you are making same statue twice?”

Without loosing concentration, the artist replied, “I want to make only one but the first one has a fault.” German visitor re inspected the statue but could not find the fault which as the artist told a miniature scratch on the nose of the statue.
German visitor said, “But no one will understand this mistake as it is engraved on height in the middle of the market street”
Peacefully the artist replied “no one but two: 1) myself 2) God.
The real judge of your work is your inner self and the almighty God” To deceive yourself is as mean as deceiving God. Do we really commit ourselves when we are at work?

Josh billings says “Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to a thing till it gets there.” Getting the pleasant work is not a big deal; the task lies in making the work allotted to you a pleasure.

Do you expect to get more? Then try to give more and more and even more. If you want the success you never got before you have to do the things you never done before. Don’t worry about helping hands because:
“The wind and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.” Gibbon Hubbard.
“Skill and confidence is an unconquered army.” (George Herbert) but you cannot pretend it through the best sample resume. You have to prove it through your tasks and abilities.

The perfect job is not the one which suits you but the one which provides you an opportunity to widen your abilities. So, do you still think that you work hard and do not get proper returns? If no, then start applying the rules above and if “yes” congratulations! you are on the right track.

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